Ensuring a fun and safe trip abroad

Individualized wellness plans for your travels

Pre-Travel Consultations

Avoid becoming ill while travelling. Our individualized travel advice and customized treatment plans protect you during your travels.


We prescribe and administer vaccinations during your pre-travel consultation that are based on your travel itinerary and health status.

Pre-Travel Consultations

Medications can be prescribed to prevent or treat the following travel related conditions: Traveller’s Diarrhea, Altitude Illness, Malaria & more.

Our Mission:

To empower all travellers with the knowledge, tools and confidence for a safe and healthy journey.


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We welcome everyone – the corporate traveller planning a business trip abroad, the adventurous trekker departing for remote locations, those going on Mission trips, the last-minute traveller and a family embarking on their first trip.

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Go Travel Clinic is your comprehensive, one-stop-shop for all aspects of travel medicine.

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